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iPhone/iPad users

For those of you that want to listen to MixFM on your Apple iPhone,
  Tunein.com has a free app in which MixFM is already a preset.
    alternatively, a FREE application called fstream (it is free, just search for it in the AppStore).
      Add MixFM as a favourite using http://fjijradio.net:8000/live for the url.
        If you're asked about encoding, it's an aac+ based stream at 40kbps.


We recommened using A FREE Android application is available from tunein.com which already has MixFM programmed.
  As easy as Tunein is to install and use, the audio is not as good as we expect from a mobile.
    So there is a free alternative, AOR, the instructions on setting it up are here.
For some phones the following also works, but it takes a long time to buffer.
  ServeStream, a FREE application is available from the Google Play Store.
    Add MixFM using http://fijiradio.net:8000/live for the url.